Why Bespoke Web Development?

Sometimes your ideas go beyond what existing systems are capable of and you need a new system entirely.
Trying to use an existing system to do something it wasn't designed for can create a frustrating experience for both administrators and end-users. With bespoke development we can design and build a system that makes thing easy and gives the best experience possible with all the functionality that you need.

Our Approach

Our focus on system design is about making things really easy to use and as intuitive as possible. We believe this gives the best experience to the end user and saves a great deal time for administrators in both management and support. Flexibility is also important as our experience has shown priorities often change during the process as ideas become more developed.

Our team uniquely combines technical developers with creative designers, allowing us to make our systems look the part with that slick and polished feel that comes with great design.
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Latest Technology

Our core development language is PHP which is one of the most widely used and highly regarded languages for web-orientated programming, used for major websites like Facebook and Wikipedia. It's popularity means that other developers can work with our code and that there are many resources available that can be integrated.

We also use JavaScript and AJAX, including libraries like jQuery to enhance the user experience. This allows us to add functionality like drag-and-drop or update the page without having to refresh.

We take security very seriously, using the latest techniques to hash and protect passwords and encrypting sensitive data.

In-house Development

We are proud to say all our development is done in house. We don't work with offshore developers and if we do have to contract a specialist for a particular project, we always try to work with our local partners who can join our in-house team. This means you can always speak directly to the developers working on your project and there are no time-zone problems or the risk of comments being lost in translation.

This also allows you to visit our studios at any stage and have a face to face conversation with the development team.

Imagine a website that works on every device and generates you business 24/7