It’s a long process, but having a website is a must for modern businesses. Everyone is online, so not taking advantage of this can only be negative for your future credentials. So, we have decided to make your life a little easier by identifying the key aspects behind a web build from concept all the way through to completion.

Key Aspects Behind Effective Copy

There’s lots to consider in terms of web copy, and below are just some of the many things you need to get right to ensure you can maximise results.

Pick a Domain

First things first, what do you want your website to be called? It’s likely to be your business name of course, but this is actually a great place to get your SEO efforts up and running, since having keywords included within the name is certain to prove beneficial. Once you’ve picked a name, get this registered right away before someone else snaps it up! Then it’s a case of finding hosting packages to ensure your domain renews without any commotion.

Create Content

If you’re an established business, you’re likely to have lots of assets lying around already, in which case, pick out your best images, videos and testimonials to use for the site’s main design. Other things like copywriting may need to be implemented during the build, but there’s certainly no harm in getting some ideas down early to help speed up the process later. Fresh, engaging and relevant content is the only way to dominate Google listings, so place this very high on your ‘to do list’.

Design UX

Get a professional web designer to craft the aesthetic. They will be drawing upon contemporary ideas and looking for the most effective way to streamline the site with simple linking and functionality. There’s often some back and forth to ensure you get the layout you desire, but persevere, and before long, you’ll be able to visually gaze upon your proposed new website. Basic things to consider would be colour schemes, font and whether you want a busy or simple design, all of which play huge roles in the overall theme being established.

Develop the Site

After this gets signed off, it’s then over to the developers who will actually make these designs come to life. If you’ve gone for bespoke website design, then lots of coding and intricate web development will be necessary, and that’s again where professional web teams will be essential to keep the project moving along. During the development stage, issues may arise, and certain aspects behind the design could be hard to integrate, but they will find the best solution to hand you a product you can really feel proud of.

Start Marketing

A website without SEO is like a car without petrol! There’s really no point, since it will just sit there! From the very beginning, SEO needs to be integrated into the site through content, meta data and proficient site speeds. It’s also worth noting how SEO is never a one-time thing! Everyone is doing it these days, so constant work is needed to remain above your competition. Every industry differs in terms of difficulty, but with carefully planned strategies in place, you will have the capacity to build a robust lead generation tool.

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