Regularly backing up your website is like having insurance; if something goes wrong with your site it can be fully restored to a previous working version in minutes. The backups can then be compared to each other to identify what caused the site to be compromised, whether it is a server issue, or it is in fact a hack.

Security Plug-ins

The most popular security plugins are often all-in-one solutions that usually enable you to tackle your website protection from every angle. Utilising a single plugin is often the simplest solution for targeting your website vulnerabilities, although with improper management they can become overwhelmed.

Add security updates for just £60 p/m

We perform daily backups of your site in case the worst was to happen. These backups are essential for identifying problems and getting your site back up and running within minutes. This package does NOT include cleanups, support, or fixing, but we are happy to provide this service for an additional fee, subject to our availability.
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