Website Manager

Now you can keep your website up to date and make the changes you need without having to pay each time.

Experience the easiest way to add and change content on your website. The Fluid Website Manager has been designed to be easier to use than the most popular off-the-shelf systems like WordPress, Drupal, Mod X and Joomla!


All you need to do is log into your secure online control panel and start making changes. Change your website menu around with simple drag and drop, add a new page or change an existing one in a few easy clicks.

We include an hour training session which is easily enough to show you how to use it and answer all your questions. It also has a detailed help guide built in. If you're still unsure on anything you can use our free support and we'll talk you through it.



Add as many pages as you want to your website and let it grow with your business.

You can choose from different page types including general pages, interactive photo galleries, blogs or contact form pages. The page editor will let you easily add pictures, videos and hyperlinks.

You can style text as easily as in any word processor with options for font, colour, size, alignment etc. You can also choose from preset page layouts or create your own.


Unlike other management systems, Website Manager is tailored to the website it's powering. This includes preset styles so you can easily match new text to your websites style and colour scheme.

We'll also design ready made layouts for different page types. You can select from any of these when adding a new page or create your own. It's the perfect way to keep your content consistent and maintain the design of your website as it grows. It also makes adding new pages so much faster!

Imagine a website that works on every device and generates you business 24/7