Owners of web design agencies and digital marketing agencies often have no sort of exit strategy if business takes a turn for the worse. In difficult times such as the 2020 shutdown from Covid-19, many agencies can struggle to keep going. Sometimes agency owners have just had enough of the high-demand nature of the sector. One of the key issues for agency owners that want to close is avoiding letting down the customers and staff they support.

Finding a quality agency to take on your customers

If you recommend another agency for your customers to go to, you want to be sure they will be looked after. Fluid Studios are an award-winning, customer-service led agency that can help. We have assisted other agency owners by taking care of their customers and can often provide remote work opportunities or careers to staff who would otherwise be losing their jobs. Fluid Studios are uniquely placed to be able to handle both small and large business customers. We can also provide the full suite of digital marketing services and support most PHP based CMS systems.

How about the finances?

If you want to retain your customers hosting services, that is not a problem. We can agree specific agreements and clauses to find a flexible arrangement that works for you. Because agencies often have little assets other than goodwill and loose contracts, they can be impossible to sell as a business. However where there are retainers or contracts in place, Fluid Studios can often agree a commission structure for taking them on. If you have a specific proposal, we’d love to hear from you.

A proper exit strategy

We’ll take care of everything, from taking new backups to personally contacting each of your clients. We can support them ad-hoc or with a support retainer. We may well be able to honour the same agreement you already have with them. In many cases, you don’t need to hand over personal digital accounts but can simply transfer ownership to us or provide access. Please don’t leave customers to fend for themselves. Talk to Fluid Studios and see if we can help to take care of them and give you an easy exit strategy.
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