Why Bother with a New Website?

Ask yourself if your website is really generating you more sales and enquiries.

Many people have fallen into the trap of having a website for the sake of it. You may think yours looks pretty or was really cheap but if it doesn't generate those sales and enquiries then it's not a good website. Even a really cheap website is a poor investment if it gives you nothing back and if you think you got one for free, remember of all the time you invested setting it up instead of focusing on your core business.

So how could a new website be better at doing just that?

Well there are actually a few essential components and missing out on any of these could seriously reduce the effectiveness of your website. A good website design company should advise you to include all of these with your website or better yet, include them as standard like Fluid Studios. Read on to find out what the top 4 most essential components are that you can't afford to be without on your website.
Is your website generating you sales and enquiries?
Find out the top 4 essential components that
you should demand to have in a new website
responsive ecommerce system

1. Simple Management

If your website is out of date then you will lose customers straight away. Make sure you have an easy way to add new content, including galleries if you need to show off your work. Content Management Systems like WordPress let you do this but the easiest system by far is the Website Manager.
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2. Responsive

If you haven't noticed, touch screen devices like smart phones and tablets are taking over. They now account for a huge amount of web users and they won't bother with websites that are hard to use. Mobile sites have largely died in the wake of responsive design which allows websites to adapt to different size screens.
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3. Great Engaging Design

With the current rise in on-line website builders, many websites are starting to all look the same and users are forgetting which websites they've even visited. It's hard to get new business without unique selling points and you need a unique bespoke designed website to emphasise them.
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4. Search Engine Optimised

It's sad to know some web designers still sell this as a separate service, as if a website that can't be found by customers is useful to anyone. Avoid companies that focus their SEO on meta keywords and links as they are out-of-date, talk to the ones that mention content and social media.
Imagine a website that works on every device and generates you business 24/7