Free Resources to Help Modernise Your Website

Looking for some ‘quick wins’ to modernise your website? Whether you’re looking to improve your SEO, or make your user experience a lot better, here are three tips to improve your site that you can do right now!
We understand how tricky it can be to get your team members together for a photo shoot. In an ideal world your site would include professional photography that aligns with your company’s brand. But time & resources often get in the way. is a royalty free stock image site, giving you the choice of 1000’s of images completely free of charge & ready to be used on your website.

Check it out and begin sprucing up those outdated pages.
Often the next obstacle is finding images with the right dimensions. You find the perfect image; use your CMS to add it to your website. Then, BOOM. It completely wrecks the page; your neatly structured webpage that you’ve spent the evening working on is completely destroyed. In an ideal world you’d hop onto Photoshop and adjust those dimensions accordingly.

‘Don’t have adobe suite’ you say?

One word, 4 letters.


GIMP is an ‘image manipulation program’ which has a number of tools that can be found on Photoshop.

Its main purpose is editing images, so you’re on to a winner if image cropping is all you need. Head to to download a free version. (Watch this space for a blog post dedicated to resizing images.)
SEO continues to be more and more important for every business. If used correctly, it can be the source of a lot of new business. There are a number of algorithms that contribute to your Google ranking. A few include

  • Page Speed
  • Site Usage
  • Keywords... list just a few.
This can be rather daunting. Where do you start and what is the website lacking? Well, may we introduce to you, Seoptimer.

This is a website that breaks these details down in a simple + informative manner, allowing you to alter your site accordingly, depending on your results.

If you are looking for more comprehensive SEO improvements or a free SEO audit, give our good friends at Big Reach a shout.

So there you have it, 3 champion resources that can help modernise your website without spending a dime.
If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to contact us :)
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