Top 5 Reasons

Why Custom Website Design is Better Than Buying a Template

Deciding whether to opt for a bespoke website design or to purchase a website template online can be a daunting decision. Website templates can be very tempting but from experience we have found that in the long term you tend to end up exactly what you paid for and don’t receive the ROI, or increased client base you were originally hoping for.
Did you know that you could lose 94% of your customers because of poor design and lack of trust in your website design?
To help you out with your decision we have put together our top 5 reasons as to why custom website design is much better than a template.
1. Business Credibility
Don’t be a sheep! Your business ideas, ethics, services and customer base are all unique to you, and you need a design that does all of that justice. With a template design it is impossible to differentiate you from your competitors and to create an online presence that is custom to you. You should think of your website as your shop front, it’s your first opportunity to make a good impression and get across your professional image.
2. Flexibility
Templates can be very restrictive, and are more of a one-size-fits-all solution. You may be limited on what you can change, add and modify. Whereas a bespoke website design allows you to be able to choose exactly what you want and how you want it to look.
3. Compatibility
It’s hard to even imagine all of the different types of devices and browsers that users will use to access your website on, from mobiles, to tablets, to laptops, to computers, and all of the different browsers offered on each. A purchased template may not be geared up for the latest browser update or compatible for the most recent mobile screen size. The only way to guarantee your website is properly tested is to ensure it goes through a rigorous testing stage by your website designers.
4. SEO Driven
If you purchase a template website design you’re going to need to add all of your content, images, information and most importantly SEO (search engine optimisation) yourself. However with a custom design you’ll not only receive the experience and expertise of a professional web designer who will help strategise and implement your SEO, but will also be able to build your key words and key phrases in to the code, which will greatly help to give you a head start on search engines.
5. Customer Focused
It’s critical to have a website that reflects the needs of your customers, and drives them to complete the conversion that you desire. A template won’t be able to do this and won’t be designed with your customer base in mind. A custom designed website would allow for research in to your target audience, your objectives, business goals and USPs, making it much more geared up for your customers, and their experience on your website.

Of course there are situations where a website template may be suitable, and it’s always worth exploring all of the available options before making a decision.

You can also see examples of all of our custom website designs on our portfolio, please click here to explore it for yourself.

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This article was written for Fluid Studios referencing information from B2C.
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