Have you recently launched your bespoke website design? Awesome! Now all that’s left would be marketing this to the right people. But how can you do this? Well, there’s a variety of proven techniques available, most of which have the capacity to elevate your online presence and turn leads into conversions within pretty efficient timelines. Here, we have closely analysed perhaps the most common ways you can get your website in front of the right people.


In the age where online searches continue to dominate for many industries, you’re mad not to consider implementing an effective long-term SEO strategy into your website. This can be a daunting prospect, simply because there’s so many things to consider, but you’ll be pleased to hear digital marketing companies are readily available across the country to offer a lending hand. So, what is SEO? Well, this basically means optimising your site for search listings, where the algorithms will decide which websites are best as a result of user experience, keywords, loading speeds and vital web maintenance being observed on a regular basis. In simple terms, the more effort you make with your website in terms of appearance and functionality, the more likely you are to rise the ranks.


SEO can take time, something which many business owners don’t have a lot of these days. So how do you bypass the slow approach typically observed with an organic strategy? You basically buy internet traffic instantly through the use of PPC campaigns. This is a great opportunity to steal a march over your main competitors and get right to the top of Google listings, where advertisements for your website will appear above organic listings. You pay Google ads each time someone visits your site, where costs will largely be dictated by the competitiveness of the terms you’re targeting. For example, anything with the word ‘London’ could garner hefty prices, so expect campaigns to stretch your budget quite thin. hich makes payment incredibly simple for iPhone users.

Social Media

Social media is indeed still alive and kicking, giving business owners the capacity to engage with their customers and provide even more exposure to their brand. With a keen following across Facebook, Twitter and the likes, you’ve established touch points among the right people who will be likely to share and engage with content, therefore stretching your reach far and wide across the internet. Just make sure content is of the highest quality and adds value, that way you can be sure to stand out from the saturated nature we see across many platforms. Even if you don’t subscribe to the culture of social media yourself, many of your target audience will, so if you have to send out silly videos on TikTok, definitely do this to ensure you’re seen as a modern website which utilises current systems effectively.


There’s only so much you can do to your own site, which is why finding well established brands and using their audience to build your own can often be a prudent move. Try guest blogging, since this gives you an opportunity to craft fresh content and generate backlinks from websites with a much higher domain authority. You can also use this to add keywords and develop more authority about a certain subject. Digital PR can also be highly effective, so if you have anything to shout about, get press releases into circulation because all it takes is the right person to spread the word, and you’ll be handed exposure to insurmountable amounts of people. This could be a new partnership you’ve agreed or some form of charity event.

Video Content

Did you know? The second largest volume of internet search takes place on YouTube. It’s crazy how more businesses aren’t looking to take advantage of this, especially as this could do wonders to any forthcoming marketing campaigns you may have in the works. Video content is simple and engaging, but the real benefit is that people don’t need to spend ages reading through something, instead gaining the information they need in a far more streamlined manner. We live in a world where people like things quick and easy, so creating video content which aims to promote and entice people into visiting your site is a sure-fire win.

How We Can Help

Our Hertfordshire web design team can handle the construction of your site, and once this has been officially ticked off, we can pass this over to our marketing teams at XDNA Interactive and Big Reach Marketing. The former can develop applications and bespoke software features, and the latter focuses on social media, SEO and PPC campaigns. If you would like to discover more about what we can offer, and our marketing teams, feel free to contact us today.
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