Top tricks to increase the conversion of website visitors into customers

A lonely user visits your website. The fact they even visited you means more likely than not, they are a potential customer. So how will you convince them to hand over their monies? Your website can’t hold them hostage until they hand over their credit card (unless you have some mad hacking skills) but there are many things it can do. We take a look at the top ones here:
Unique Selling Point
If there is no reason for someone to use you over a competitor, they probably won’t. You must offer something more, be it a longer guarantee, a helpful extra stage to the service you provide or a free lollipop with every purchase. You must also show this prominently on your website, straight after telling customers what you do. It must not be something vague that any business might say about themselves like ‘friendly, experienced, high quality’. Those are qualities that keep customers, not create them. If you don’t have a USP it is time to rethink your business strategy.
Get their data
Give them an email signup form with an incentive. It could be anything from 10% off first purchase to a free introduction to pet taxidermy. Always ask for as little information as necessary, every extra field decreases conversions.
Add a guarantee
Reduce their risk by including a 10 year guarantee or a ‘no questions asked’ return policy. Increased sales will usually cover any claims or returns (be unscrupulous here with a little ‘small print’ to reduce your own risk).
Instruct them
When you want a user to do something on your website, instruct them with a ‘call to action’. Make this encouraging rather than aggressive. ‘Join here’ works better than ‘Sign up now of face the consequences’. The most persuasive words you can include are ‘You, Guarantee, Results, Free, Because and New’.
Back up your message with testimonials
Perfect for key landing pages, testimonials inspire confidence by providing proof of product / service. As you'll know from buying products yourself online, reviews always sway our decision! Make sure to ask customers for reviews on your product/service, as it will no doubt help you to convert potential customers.
State how your product or service solves their problem
Whether it will make them richer or stop that uncomfortable chafing, being clear about the benefits will convince potential customers that they need what you’re selling.
Excite them
Get users exited about your product or service. Tell the story in a heart-felt way without over-hyping the product. ‘Born out of our passion for fertiliser and wanting to inspire a new generation of horseradish growers’ works better than ‘our fertiliser creates incredible super human horseradishes’.

Include all of these and watch your conversions increase. There are also hundreds of additional elements you can include. A good web designer will know how to use all of these to create the most effective page possible. Of course there is a balance to strike between brand and conversion and this is individual to every business.

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