Regularly backing up your website is like having insurance; if something goes wrong with your site it can be fully restored to a previous working version in minutes. The backups can then be compared to each other to identify what caused the site to be compromised, whether it is a server issue, or it is in fact a hack.

*Included with our hosting packages.

WordPress Security

As the most widely used CMS platform, WordPress also attract the most hack attempts. Fortunately there are security plugins that can help keep your website safe. Our experts can ensure the correct ones for your setup are properly installed and regularly updated, reducing any risk of hacking.

ProcessWire Security

While ProcessWire is not targeted by hackers nearly as often as WordPress, it is still important to keep the core system up to date and install any security plugins needed. As ProcessWire is often customised to individual user requirements, it is important that updates are correctly installed.

Website Security Audits

We can provide a security audit for most types of website. This includes checking that systems and modules are up to date, that the website is hosted on a suitable platform with an SSL in place and that there are no obvious vulnerabilities. We don't currently provide more technical services like penetration testing.

WordPress / ProcessWire security updates from just £60 per month*

This service includes regular plugin updates to reduce the risk of security breaches and errors.

Plugins are used to increase the functionality on your website. This can be things like contact forms, booking systems and e-commerce stores. These updates are critical for keeping a website performing optimally. This package includes sourcing new plugins if the update causes compatibility issues. It does not include content updates but we are happy to provide this service for an additional fee, subject to our availability.

*£60 per hour - 1 hour per month is suitable for websites with a small number of plugins.
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