Our Process For Bespoke Websites

At Fluid Studios we like to keep our clients as involved in our Web Design Process as we can. For us, it is important to have good communication through all of our steps to make sure we work as closely to the clients’ vision as we can. Many clients are shocked at how much work goes into creating their bespoke website, and appreciative of the amount of time we put into building each one.

We wanted to share with you our own design process to give you an idea of what goes into building these websites and convince you that your website needs are in safe hands with Fluid Studios.

We need to know how much branding your company has already. You may already have a logo and may be managing your online presence through social media sites such as Facebook or Twitter, but do you have a brand identity? We mean colour schemes, font styles, a voice, and more. We are here to help you create these if you do not have them; we make sure they are consistent throughout your online presence. Unlimited Design

When we start designing your bespoke website we ask you to identify other websites that have inspired you to update your web presence. This enables us to begin designing a concept that we believe will be exactly what you want. If it isn’t exactly what you are after, we are happy to make as many changes as you want until you are perfectly happy.

How often do you search for businesses on your mobile? How about a tablet? Exactly – people looking for your business are no different, and in 2018 it is not good enough just having a website for a Desktop, your website needs to be able to be viewed across a variety of devices. When we start building our websites we do not take responsive design for granted and we work hard to ensure the message your website gives is just as powerful across all devices.
With most Google searches happening whilst people are ‘on the go’ if you do not feature highly on the Google Search Results Page, you’ll often be missed by the masses. All of our websites are built with SEO in mind and we actually specialise in converting your web traffic into customers. We also offer all of our new and existing customers a free consultation on SEO to help break down the definition and explain why it is so important.
Check out our previous blog on SEO Techniques.
We code our websites to the latest HTML5, CSS3, and JavaScript standards, this essentially future proofs the website and increases its lifespan. Our websites will always meet modern accessibility standards where possible, and we try to make your new website backward compatible with popular older browsers. Most clients opt for a content management system which makes editing and adding new pages to your website much easier in the future. If this option is needed, we will train you on its use so that you can continue to add and develop your site after the initial build.

A sitemap is fundamentally a list of pages that will all become connected on a website. We offer a range of design packages that all come with varying sized sitemaps. We try to accommodate your vision within our design packages, but bespoke options are available
Whether you have the majority of your copy already written, or you need someone to research the competition and write all the content, we can help with that. If we can’t help, Big Reach Marketing can, our sister company that specialises in digital marketing. Either we or they will make sure all your content is engaging and SEO-rich, helping you to feature naturally high on the Google Search Results Page.
We’ll often use stock images during the early stages of your website design, if this doesn’t appeal to you, we can arrange for professional photographs to be taken, or you can supply us with your best images to incorporate.
As ever, if you are not completely satisfied with the work we have done, we are more than happy to rework it to suit your needs. This commitment extends across to our sister company too, and they are more than happy to engage with you separately away from us to make sure your needs are met.

Browser and Device
Once both parties are happy with the website, we will present the website to the rest of our team and challenge them to find things wrong with it. Our experts will identify any problems and offer fixes before the site goes live, checking the site across different browsers, and on various devices. More often than not, if our experts cannot identify a problem there isn’t one!

We will assist in purchasing your domain and then host the website for you. This isn’t necessary, but we recommend it as a way of offering you maximum support in the future. Our hosting package is perfect for small businesses, or we can recommend other providers to you.
Post-live Checks
Whilst every effort will be made to make sure your website is perfect before it goes live, we always double check when it is released onto the web! Not because we doubt ourselves, but to give you complete piece of mind.

Ongoing Support:
Free Support
We give every client 3 free months support to help transition ownership and editing from us to you. During this time feel free to contact us with any issues you may have and we will either fix the issue or guide you through the process over the phone.
Included in this support is a review of your website, to make sure it is still up to date and offering the latest features.

And there you have it, a description (albeit a very brief description) of our Web Design Process. If you feel that you could benefit from any of the steps mentioned do give us a shout and we would be more than happy to assist you!
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