Is that Merry Old Christmas looming on the horizon? It most certainly is! This can only mean one thing for website owners! You need to align your site with the festive season pronto! Even if you hate Xmas, and let's be honest, lots of people do, there’s still many who relish this time of year, and when utilised effectively, it can prove to be hugely beneficial for businesses looking to generate large volumes of sales. Right, so how on earth do you make a website Xmas ready? Well, here’s how.

Xmas Promotions

Everyone loves a promotion, and giveaways even more so. Your main competition will likely be doing this, so make sure this also plays a huge role in your digital marketing efforts. A website is the perfect place to entice people with Xmas joy, so develop pop-ups, create brand new landing pages and even sprinkle the odd promotional banner to highlight your unquestionable generosity.

Xmas Aesthetic

The look and feel of Xmas is hugely iconic, so using this to refurbish the styling across your site can do wonders. Depending on your enthusiasm for this time of year, the depth you go will either be a full paint job or very small additions which show you sort of care. A great place to start would be the logo, where modifying this to include recognisable Xmas features will instantly show you’re in good spirits. Maybe even consider the home page, and especially the main banner image, where installing a bespoke Xmas animation piece is sure to delight.

Xmas Blogging

Get on this now! There’s going to be Xmas specific search terms which need to be targeted. Start blogging and make sure you’re ranking for these terms early. Creating fresh content is perfect for SEO, and with regular blog writing, you get the opportunity to capture the festive spirit with relevant articles which match this time of year with your business. For example, a company offering travel insurance could do little wrong than having articles about the best countries to visit during the winter.

Update Opening Hours

Xmas is a period where lots of us unwind, and that means running skeleton staff for quite a long period of time. Make sure customers are fully aware of when you intend to close and for how long, otherwise they’ll be left confused as to why no-one is being polite enough to pick up the phone. This also stretches to things like your Google Business details, especially since this comes up right away when people search for you online. It’s a simple change to make, but still an important one nonetheless.

Get Set For The Madness

Xmas is the prime time of year for retail, and in the modern age, that generally refers to people who run an eCommerce store. It’s not just the big day itself! We also have things like Black Friday to contend with, so make sure your current site can handle what is likely to be a substantial increase in traffic. Run speed tests and just generally check everything to a fine tee, otherwise you’ll fall apart when the madness finally begins.

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