Why have a video on your Website

If you were given the choice between a static image and a short video to best sell someone on your business, which would you go for? Sure, you might have splashed the cash on an amazing photographer and in return received some pretty good photos, but how much do you think they really sell your business/blog/idea to its audience. The answer, is not nearly as much as a video does. Picture this, you’ve just landed on 2 new websites and are eager to find out more in regards to what it's all about. The first site you visit might have a huge banner on the front page giving you some stripped back information about what the site has on it. The second site you land on has a 20 second video walking you through, albeit briefly, what the business does and how they can be of benefit to you. Which one are you more likely to engage with? Yeah I agree, the second site with the video. Not convinced? Here are 10 reasons as to why you should include video on your website:
1. Engagement
Just like what was mentioned before, potential visitors to your site are more likely to engage with a video instead of a picture. Not only this, but by having a video for your visitors to watch, they spend more time on your website, giving you a bigger opportunity to have them engage with some call to action.
2. Show, Don't Tell
With static images or text you are essentially trying to explain to a visitor what your business is, how it works, what you are offering them etc which is what tends to drive more people away from your site. With a video doing all that for you, you are actively showing them what you offer which gives you a platform like no other to sell them on your business!
3. Drive More Traffic
So sure, a video is helpful to get a message across to visitors, but that's the second half of the battle. Firstly, you need to get those visitors. Search Engines like Google invest a huge amount into their PageRank algorithm to ensure the user is feed new and up to date content for whatever they search for. That’s why news websites rank so highly for a huge amount of keywords...there’s always something going on in the world! Videos only support this, with some added benefit as well! Uploading a video to sites such as YouTube give you the opportunity to squeeze in your keywords to the title, description and meta tags which can return huge benefits in the SEO front of the website.
4. Audience Retention
You can never really know just how much of your text-based blog article people are reading. Or how far down they are reading on your websites content pages. Video doesn’t give you this problem, instead, studies show that 65% of viewers watch more than ¾ of a video which obviously means they are engaging a lot more with your content.
5. It's Easy To Do!
Video Production used to take really long and eat up a huge portion of a businesses budget. But it’s no longer like that! With the rise of free online apps that can be used to create short animations and more freelancers in the job market, the cost of Video Production has dropped significantly. So you no longer need to worry about the cost of it!
6. Earn More Money
Not only can you promote your own products and sales in a video, but you can also take advantage of services such as Google AdSense that place short advertisements at the start of your videos. With this, you as the content creator can earn money from what is essentially just a place at the start of your video.
7. Big ROI
As mentioned in one of the previous points, video production used to cost loads and take a while to do. However with the lower cost, comes bigger returns! Roughly 80% of businesses that have a video embedded on their site which ether sells a product or advertises a service have said they have seen a significant increase in user retention and so ultimately, sales.
8. Encourages Social Shares
Think about this; If you come across a website with an amazing video on it, you going to want to share that with your friends right? That's exactly what videos encourage! By having a video on your site, users are more likely to share the content (in this case the video) with their friends and family which will drive more traffic to your site.
9. Stand Out From The Competition
As with the previous point, if your video is worth sharing between friends and family, then it’s a good way to make you stand out from the competition which is key to business success. A video will stick in the memory of the visitor and would more likely make them return or choose you over one of your competitor.
10. Increased Conversions
With a video, it’s not left up to chance whether or not the visitor of your site gets what you are trying to sell them. Instead, it gives you the platform to sell your business which leaves it up to you to ensure your business message is put across to the visitor, giving you a better opportunity to make that first impression a good one.

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