The purpose of your online efforts will largely dictate the kind of website you need. Some of us want to sell products online, whereas others simply want more brand awareness among the right target audience. There’s tons of variations available nowadays, but we have decided to drill down what are perhaps the most popular and how they get used.


The internet continues to be a great recourse for general information. It’s often websites that provide facts, figures and key details about certain subject matter, so anything which exists to inform visitors would be known as an educational site. Common uses would be when studying for a degree, or anyone looking to self-educate themselves about certain topics. They’re generally non-profit sites, made to enrich the internet with more knowledge about the world, and in the present day, most people would instantly search their query on Google, knowing this will likely give them exactly what they want.


Selling on the high-street isn’t advised these days, and that was even before the effects of the Pandemic. What you need to be doing instead would be creating an online store, something which is known as an eCommerce website. Here, you have your very own space online where people can learn more about your products and then hopefully purchase them. The convenience of online shopping is the backbone behind its popularity, and not jumping aboard this trend soon enough could leave you too far behind key competitors. When selling online, digital marketing efforts will be paramount, and this is especially the case for new brands with very limited awareness in place.


You may run a business but rather than selling products, you offer services. If you work in trades for example, you may benefit from a business website, as this can be a great lead generator when optimised with strong SEO. Tailoring content and distributing social media campaigns which speak to a certain customer base is a powerful way to gain more prominence and increase the likelihood of sales enquiries. It’s your own space, so make the most of it! Get testimonials, images of previous projects and unique selling points into the design, and once established, you’ll have yourself an immensely effective advertising tool.


Lots of people are incredibly passionate about certain subjects, and that often means they’re willing to write dedicated blog posts. This website is mainly non-profit, however blogs which do develop a strong domain authority and readership can be a lucrative marketing platform for others. Display ads or even guest blogs are usually put forth to the editor, so building a blog on the side can actually end up being a nice little money earner.

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