Is your website compliant with core web vitals? If not, you should act with immediacy, since this brand new algorithm has introduced drastic changes in the way sites are now being ranked. In fact, this major shift has been with us since May 2021, but it’s only now that people are waking up to the effects this could have on SEO credentials. There’s three core web vitals to think about, and below, we have briefly explained what each of these entail.

Largest Contentful Paint

Ok, take a look at your site and see if you have large images or videos which take an absolute age to load. If you do, this update could cause you real problems. Simply put, this particular aspect behind core web vitals is based on how long the main blocks of content load, and the reason they’ve targeted this would be to prevent web developers from overloading sites with too much stuff. A more streamlined design is now the best way forward, otherwise you’ll be caught out. This is basically Google’s way of saying ‘enough already!’

Cumulative Layout Shift

User experience is now massively important and happens to be a huge part of this update. You must now restructure the layout of pages so that multiple shifts and changes are never a constant feature. It’s annoying for customers and now frustrates the algorithm. If your site is crammed with widgets, display ads and large images, there’s every chance shifting will take place on a frequent basis. The more the layout remains consistent, the more likely you are to impress core web vitals.

First Input Delay

Any buttons or links which don’t provide quick and simple navigation around the site will be hugely penalised. When people visit your site, the moment they see such functionality appear, there will always be an expectation that your website is ready, and that’s why core web vitals won't be impressed with pages that don’t deliver on this. The very moment visual elements appear, people must be able to interact with them immediately or else it’s down to page 5 you go.

What is The Importance of Core Web Vitals?

It’s been introduced to help developers understand how to build sites for their visitors. The main focus is user experience, where designs need to place this above other key elements to ensure maximum performance is now possible within the current Google search listings.

Getting back to basics does appear to be the new motive for Google, which plays into the fast-paced world we now live, where instantaneous functionality is even more important. Stripping websites down and creating a more simplified platform is another step towards a more effective online experience for everyone.

Help is always available here at Fluid Studios. Our team of web developers can take a glance over your website and decide whether amendments need to be made to achieve full compliance with core web vitals. To get started, get in direct contact with us today.
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