You may have browsed through endless websites over the years, and wondered what purpose the text serves. The obvious one is getting across key selling points, but in the present day, copywriting stretches much further due to the emergence of SEO. Writing effective web copy is essential when rising the ranks, as this still gets recognised as a key indicator to determine which sites are most suitable for a lucrative place on Google page one.

As web developers, we understand the technical aspects behind online presence, but from a digital marketing perspective, you’re much better off hiring professional copywriters to ensure you have laid the groundwork for strong SEO credentials as the online world really starts to increase in stature.

Key Aspects Behind Effective Copy

There’s lots to consider in terms of web copy, and below are just some of the many things you need to get right to ensure you can maximise results.

SEO Minded

As we’ve mentioned, copy is about impressing Google, however don’t let this take complete precedence. You still need to write for people, rather than trying to get on the right side of an algorithm. That’s simply because Google is clever these days, built with the capacity to identify blatant manipulation designed to increase rankings.

So write naturally, and let SEO blend itself into the main body of work organically. A great approach is often fleshing out the content, and then peppering in keywords after to ensure you’re not writing content simply to include certain terms.

Relevant & Engaging

Everything written needs to have a purpose, so never write for the sake of it! Look for gaps in the internet where information is sparse and look to fill this in. This can be a much better approach compared to generic blog posts we’ve all seen thousands of times before.

Including unique facts and figures, and even some quotes from authoritative people can help make your content stand out, because let’s be honest, anyone can sit down and write something!

A well-crafted piece of copy will also ensure customers stick around, something which can impact bounce rate, therefore holding huge significance over your current and future SEO status.

Correct Tone of Voice

Make sure content has been aligned in accordance with your target audience. Where some people like short & punchy copy, others may enjoy something written with a little more flair. This can be a real deal breaker, as you need to ensure everything across the site is consistent with your brand image, otherwise you won’t be able to connect with potential customers, and build a reputation which feels polished.

People respond differently to certain terminology, so the words themselves also require careful thought before they get included. The easiest way to write with the correct tone of voice is simply placing yourself in the customer’s shoes and thinking about how they would respond to content.

We Work Alongside Copywriters in Hertfordshire

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